The Sex Trade in Australia

Posted: January 20, 2013 in Underground Australia
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According to the website

-Australian authorities have only identified 140 victims of sex trafficking.However, each week in Victoria Australia, 60,000 men buy women in prostitution.

-Since 2004 Australia has invested $50 million in anti human trafficking efforts.

According to the website

-A third of the prostitutes come from South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, and India.

-The number of South Korean prostitutes has increased over the years

According to the website

According to the business research company IBIS World, the Australian sex industry has ballooned over the past decade. High growth has forced pimps to forge international supply routes to source their ”product”, which, in the case of the sex industry, is mostly women and children. Asian women in particular are a consumer favourite.

Consumer Affairs licenses brothel and escort agency businesses. Prostitution was legalised in Victoria in 1984 to tackle three problems: illegal prostitution and police corruption, harm to women and street prostitution. More than 15 years later, these problems have grown worse, not better.

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