Human Trafficking in Oklahoma

Posted: June 25, 2013 in Underground North America, Underground Stories

I have been staying in Oklahoma for the past couple weeks and wanted to know the human trafficking problems in this state. When I researched these statistics, I was absolutely appalled.

– Every 18 minutes 1 child is abducted

– 2185 children are reported missing each day, that’s 91 per hour and 1.5 children per minute.

– Every 6 minutes, there’s one child running away from home

– 1 in 9 boys and 1 in 4 girls will be the victims of sexual abuse before adulthood.

Oklahoma is listed as one of the most problematic states because of its location in the crossroads of the country and along I-35 and I-45. While port cities, such as Houston and Portland, are big trafficking states, Oklahoma has become well known as a high-trafficking state because of its number of truck stops.

Also contributing factors are the state’s number of incarcerated women and high divorce rate. Broken or dysfunctional families often lead to children being abused or neglected, and they often run away. Their situation at home may be bad, but running away from home makes them even more vulnerable to sex trafficking.

FBI did a string operation at truck stops in 2004, where they arrested young girls in forced prostitution as young as 13

In the last six weeks, we have had over 200 truckers calling and reporting young girls at a truck stop or rest stop area

criminals are more patient and will even spend several months “grooming” their victims, eventually talking them into leaving the home.


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