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According to the Department of Labor’s findings in 2004, there is proof of children being abducted and trafficked across the border to Sudan by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).

Most of the LRA rebels are between the ages of 11 to 16.

The government of Uganda admitted that internal trafficking and sexual exploitation occurs in border towns in Uganda, and in Kampala.
UNICEF estimates that the LRA has abducted close to 12 thousand children since 2002-2004.

They force these children to be laborers, soldiers, guards, and sex slaves.

The LRA beat, rape, drug, and force these children to march until exhausted. In addition, they addict the kids to alcohol and drugs as soon as they arrive at the camp.

To test the children’s mental strength, the officers of the camp, force the incoming children to kill men, women, or children, who tried to run away from the camp.

85% of the captives are made up of children.
There are other freelancers who exploit women and children for sex trafficking. These are usually, Taxi drivers or hotel operators.

Uganda has recently set up a human trafficking force in April of 2012.

To officially commission in the task force, Minister of State for Internal Affairs James Baba said this, “Traffickers have often taken advantage of this fragmentation of interventions and uncoordinated responses and have exploited the vulnerabilities of the very people we seek to protect,” he said in his speech to officially commission the task force.

A report by Uganda’s consul in Kuala Lumpur said that there are more than 600 Ugandan women trapped in Malaysia’s sex industry.